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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 | Author: Isidro

3 Turn Vortex Energy Rings goes Steampunk

3 Turn Vortex Energy Rings goes Steampunk

This is my Three  Turn Vortex Energy Ring with a new look. This ring is hand forged from 12 inches of number 10 pure copper wire. I added 9 sterling silver rivets giving this heavy size 11 ring that steampunk look.

This is my first prototype of this style. That is why I put my signature on the outside. I do that to identify the first one made of any new design.

If you wear a size 11, you have a choice. I can make you a new one with my signature on the inside or you can get this first of its kind with the signature on the outside.

The price is $138 and it it’s still available, you can get it here:

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Tuesday, December 08th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

engraved-2-cu-200This hand engraved pendant is a typical North West scene. Mountains, trees and birds graved on pure copper.

I can also put a silver moon in it made of sterling silver. This is done by drilling a hole and filling it in with a hand made river and set permanently into place with a hammer.

The process I use to create these engravings is a very old one and the tools I use are much the same as they were in the days before electricity.

Monday, October 19th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Bards of Puget Sound seal-front-250Award for the Bards of Puget Sound

Bards of Caer Pugetia
2009 Competitive Eisteddfod

This award was commissioned by The Bards of Puget Sound
and awarded on October 17th 2009


This 3 dimensional award piece took the better part of  30 hours to construct. It is made of various metals including reactive metals. The front and back frame are made of brass. The front frame is a circle with Awen’s Rays design as part of the it.

The background is made of pure titanium colored blue on one side and left in it’s natural state on the back where it is engraved.

The salmon, seaweed and salmon egg cluster is made of pure niobium which is a reactive metal like titanium but with a more workable temperament. The details are made using manual engraving tools.

The colors are created by precise masking and controlled oxidation using the reactive metals coloring machine I created in my lab.


The brass frame is  notched to accommodate the niobium layer. Then all four layers are assembled together and riveted using rivets made from brass wire. The top two rivets also capture the 5th layer which is a new innovation of mine. The multi-function Bail. See images page.


The bail is a brass arc with a centering arm and two sterling silver rings. This bail can be used either with a cord on the brass arc or with a chain on the silver rings.

Tuesday, June 02nd, 2009 | Author: Isidro
Enter to win one of these Energy Ring in pure copper or sterling silver.
At least one is given away every month.
Click on ‘Win a Ring‘ link above or on the right to enter.

Click here to enlarge.

Saturday, May 30th, 2009 | Author: Isidro


Getting ready for the first farmer’s markets (making jewelry, organizing displays and planning…).

This Sunday is the first Farmers Market in Everett , WA on Marine Drive, by the water. This Market goes every Sunday, 11-4, until October.

It is a fun one and full of interesting people and vendors.

Pay us a visit this first Sunday of the season and every Sunday till October.

Monday, April 27th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Stump Work Bench

Stump Work Bench

I Thought you might like to see my jewelry work bench.  Unlike most jeweler’s benches, Mine is an old piece of ash from a tree that came down during a storm in 1976. I started with this stump, a railroad spike and a ball peen hammer.  Over the years, it has evolved along with my skills.  As you can see, now I have several railroad spikes that I have shaped and polished along with a collection of hammers and other various tools.  The box that it sits on is mounted on wheels so I can wheel it around to my favorite sun spots when the weather permits.

Stump Workbench top View

Stump Workbench top View

I now have a good size collection of custom shaped and polished railroad spikes and hammers to create the jewelry you see here and on my website.

The section on the right with a slot cut out of it was where a branch once grew.  The slot is used for sawing also called pearsing.

The ring mandrel has two locations. One on top and one on the side of the stump.

The copper ring in the foreground is ideal for holding all the pliers and cutters.  Very handy DIY (Do It Yourself)  jewelry bench.

Friday, April 10th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Four Turn Vortex Energy Ring

Four Turn Vortex Energy Ring

Welcome to my BLOG.

As this is my first post, I’ll just introduce myself.

My name is Isidro Nilsson and I have a line of designer jewelry that I call Energy Rings. My tag line is ‘Jewelry for Health and Beauty‘ and that pretty well describes the essence of my jewelry which is aimed at energy healing.

I get a number of questions from my website so I decided to start this blog to address some of these questions and perhaps help others who may have the same or similar  questions.
I am open to any comments or questions you may have.

If you haven’t visited my website yet, please take a moment and visit: