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Monday, October 19th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Bards of Puget Sound seal-front-250Award for the Bards of Puget Sound

Bards of Caer Pugetia
2009 Competitive Eisteddfod

This award was commissioned by The Bards of Puget Sound
and awarded on October 17th 2009


This 3 dimensional award piece took the better part of  30 hours to construct. It is made of various metals including reactive metals. The front and back frame are made of brass. The front frame is a circle with Awen’s Rays design as part of the it.

The background is made of pure titanium colored blue on one side and left in it’s natural state on the back where it is engraved.

The salmon, seaweed and salmon egg cluster is made of pure niobium which is a reactive metal like titanium but with a more workable temperament. The details are made using manual engraving tools.

The colors are created by precise masking and controlled oxidation using the reactive metals coloring machine I created in my lab.


The brass frame is  notched to accommodate the niobium layer. Then all four layers are assembled together and riveted using rivets made from brass wire. The top two rivets also capture the 5th layer which is a new innovation of mine. The multi-function Bail. See images page.


The bail is a brass arc with a centering arm and two sterling silver rings. This bail can be used either with a cord on the brass arc or with a chain on the silver rings.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Astronomy + Astrology = Astronology

Astronomy + Astrology = Astronology

PICTURE THIS: You are in space directly above the north pole of the sun. Our sun. You are far enough out in space to see all the planets revolving around the sun.

Now you look at your watch and you see that it is your birthday. The actual day and time of your birth. Now you take another look at the planets. Remarkably, this looks very much like the pattern on your Astronology Talisman.

Your Birth Talisman is actually a miniature representation of the pattern the planets formed when you where born.

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Friday, July 03rd, 2009 | Author: Isidro

candle-175Candle in Jasper is a most remarkable piece. When I saw the image in this piece of jasper, I knew it was destined to be a beautifully set pendant.

The sterling silver filigree work helps create the sense of the candle with wispy smoke, dripping wax and flame.

This pendant is not available. It was actually sold before it was finished.  Thank you Mary for supporting the arts.

If you have a unique or special stone, you can request to have it set in a pendant or any other form of jewelry you like.

To request a custom made piece, please contact me.

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Wednesday, May 06th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Stone Holder with Millefiori Glass Pi Stone

Stone Holder with Millefiori Glass Pi Stone

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This is my latest Interchangeable Stone Holder.  The Stone Holder is made of sterling silver and is in the shape of a paintr’s pallete.  The stone which can be easily interchanged with any number of Pi Stones or donut stones as they are often called, is not made of stone at all. It is made of  beautiful glass called Millefiori glass.

Millefiori is French and it means ‘thousand flowers’. Millefiori glass is produced by cutting cross sections of fused bundles of glass rods of various colors and sizes.

The end result in this stone holder is a perfect combination of glass, metal and colors that reflect the theme of the painter’s art.

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For more stones to interchange the look of this stone holder visit the pi stone page of the website located here:

Friday, April 17th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Chakana - the Inca Cross

Chakana - the Inca Cross

Stone Holder inspired by the Chakana Cross, the symbol for the Inca Cross.

Also associated with the  Manay-Ki.  The nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power.

This interpretation of the Chakana is actually my new design for the Interchangeable Stone Holder. The interchangeable stone pictured here is Turquoise.The stones that fit these stone holders are round donut shaped and are called Pi Stones.

The Cross is made of pure copper with a glass bead textured surface. The  bail or holder is made of sterling silver.  Set in the center is a beautiful Almandine Garnet from Mozambique surrounded by a green Jade Pi stone set in a fine silver bezel.
There are many different perspectives on the meaning of the Chakana or Inca Cross. However, they all share some common elements.

From an Astrological perspective, the cross represents the star constellation known as the Southern Cross. The twelve corners represent the twelve months of the calendar year. The four prongs or arms represent the directions on earth (the Inca did not refer to the cardinal directions we are accustomed to).

Animals are used to represent the different parts of the Chakana. The middle horizontal area is the Jaguar or Puma. This represents the earth plane we live on. Above this horizontal middle area is the spirit world of the Condor.  The area below is symbolized by the Serpent representing the world of the dead.

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