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Saturday, May 30th, 2009 | Author: Isidro


Getting ready for the first farmer’s markets (making jewelry, organizing displays and planning…).

This Sunday is the first Farmers Market in Everett , WA on Marine Drive, by the water. This Market goes every Sunday, 11-4, until October.

It is a fun one and full of interesting people and vendors.

Pay us a visit this first Sunday of the season and every Sunday till October.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Love Knot Ring - Copper and Silver

Love Knot Ring - Copper and Silver

Click Image to Enlarge - The Love Knot Ring is a very old and traditional design. I enjoy making this ring with my own twist of making the two rings separately, ending up with two rings held together only by the knot that joins them.

The  Love Knot Ring in this picture is a combination of two different kinds of metal.  You can order any combination you like.  The most popular is the sterling silver and pure copper combination.  Next is the 14K gold and sterling silver.

You can also order the Love Knot Ring with both parts made from the same metal, pure copper, sterling silver or 14K gold.

To Order, visit the Rings Page

Sunday, May 10th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Designer Copper Bracelet with Sterling Silver

Designer Copper Bracelet with Sterling Silver

This therapeutic copper bracelet has a slightly domed surface which gives it a more full appearance. It is made of pure copper and has a hammered sterling silver piece captured in the center. The smooth copper edges and the hammered silver center creates a beautiful combination of contrasting color and texture.

The way this bracelet is constructed makes it ideal for those who suffer from joint pain and some forms of arthritis. The copper is under and around the silver so the pure copper surface is against the skin. This is an important feature if you are looking for a pure copper bracelet for therapeutic reasons.

This bracelet is approximately 1/2 inch wide and is flexible enough to easily fit a range of wrist sizes. Select Small, Medium, or Large, or indicate the actual wrist size for a perfect fit.

The same design can be made in reverse. That is a Sterling Silver base and Pure Copper overlay design in the center. This however will not give you the copper against the skin for that therapeutic benefit.

To Order, see the entire collection of bracelets on the Bracelets Page.

Friday, May 08th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Smooth and Hammered Pure Copper Bracelet

Smooth and Hammered Pure Copper Bracelet

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This refined rustic look is a study in contrast.

Defining the center line is a smooth half round channel flanked on both sides with the hammer textured area that flares out and slightly  upward.

The upward flair of the sides on this pure copper designer bracelet makes it a very comfortable design.

Price $72

To Order, see the entire collection of bracelets on the Bracelets Page.

Wednesday, May 06th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

Stone Holder with Millefiori Glass Pi Stone

Stone Holder with Millefiori Glass Pi Stone

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This is my latest Interchangeable Stone Holder.  The Stone Holder is made of sterling silver and is in the shape of a paintr’s pallete.  The stone which can be easily interchanged with any number of Pi Stones or donut stones as they are often called, is not made of stone at all. It is made of  beautiful glass called Millefiori glass.

Millefiori is French and it means ‘thousand flowers’. Millefiori glass is produced by cutting cross sections of fused bundles of glass rods of various colors and sizes.

The end result in this stone holder is a perfect combination of glass, metal and colors that reflect the theme of the painter’s art.

To Order, visit the Pendant Page

For more stones to interchange the look of this stone holder visit the pi stone page of the website located here: