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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 | Author: Isidro

hawaii-c-600Landscape Cuff - A slightly domed solid copper bracelet measuring about 3/4 inch wide. Hand engraved with a landscape. This one is a tropical paradise inspired by a place in Hawaii.  This style of bracelet is available in either Pure Copper, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold.

If you have a favorite place or a photograph of a place you would like to have engraved on a bracelet like this one, contact me.

To order, see the entire collection of bracelets on the Bracelets Page.

Tuesday, June 02nd, 2009 | Author: Isidro
Enter to win one of these Energy Ring in pure copper or sterling silver.
At least one is given away every month.
Click on ‘Win a Ring‘ link above or on the right to enter.

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