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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 | Author: Isidro

3 Turn Vortex Energy Rings goes Steampunk

3 Turn Vortex Energy Rings goes Steampunk

This is my Three  Turn Vortex Energy Ring with a new look. This ring is hand forged from 12 inches of number 10 pure copper wire. I added 9 sterling silver rivets giving this heavy size 11 ring that steampunk look.

This is my first prototype of this style. That is why I put my signature on the outside. I do that to identify the first one made of any new design.

If you wear a size 11, you have a choice. I can make you a new one with my signature on the inside or you can get this first of its kind with the signature on the outside.

The price is $138 and it it’s still available, you can get it here:

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