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Reverse Winding   Original Winding

Reverse Winding  vs  Original Winding

The original Energy Ring was a 2 turn vortex style. As I Started to make more of them for testing and selling, I developed a system for winding the coils. This system involved a fixture or tool that I created to make the winding of the coils easier.

After a number of years and many Energy Rings later, I received an email from a lady in Canada (Barbara) who indicated that she had Fybromialgia. She had an acupuncture treatment that was supposed to help her condition but the results were actually the opposite. When she put on her new Energy Ring, she experienced the same results as the acupuncture treatment. The opposite of what she had hoped for.

This led to her question and her request. the following is the short story of our conversation.

Isidro. the Energy Ring you made me is very beautiful and I intend to keep it but I am not able to wear it. When I put it on, my Fybromialgia condition is not improved. In fact, the results are the same as the acupuncture treatment that I received. The treatment was supposed to improve my condition but the results were quite the opposite.

Question: Can you make the Energy Ring do the opposite of what it does now?

The only thing that I can think of is to make the ring windings go in the opposite direction. That would reverse the phase of the output and perhaps produce an opposite affect on you.

Another possibility is to travel south of the Eqator and try the ring again. With this option not being as practical as the first, I would love to make you a REVERSE wound Energy Ring and send it to you for testing.

The reply I got from Barbara was nothing short of a miracle. Barbara could not stop talking about how great the Reverse Energy Ring made her feel and how she told her acupuncture doctor and all her friends how great the Energy Ring made her feel.

I treated this as an isolated case until I got a second similar situation and as of today, August 2006, a total of five separate incidents indicating that the reverse wound Energy Rings have deffinately made a positive difference in people with fybromialgia.

Which Finger? ~ Which Hand?

The following information may help you determine what finger you may want to wear your Energy-Ring on.

Left Hand is the Implicit
~ Underlying History ~

Right Hand is the Explicit
~ Expressing in the Now ~ Reality as we Experience

  • Thumb ~ Body Level
  • Fore Finger ~ Consciousness
  • Middle Finger ~ Feelings
  • Ring Finger ~ Sub consciousness
  • Little Finger ~ Life Program

The Thumb is associated with the Sinuses, Ears, Kidney & Bladder, and the Lymph System.

The Fore Finger is associated with the Thalamus, Medulla Oblongata, Nervous System, Colon, and the Spinal Cord.

The Middle Finger is associated with the Limbic System, Brain, Kidneys, Pineal Gland, and the Lymph.

The Ring Finger is associated with the Hypothalamus, Reproductive Organs, and the entire Endocrine System.

The Little Finger is associated with the Chest, Mammary, Small Intestine, and the Heart.

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